Assassin’s Creed 3 – Image Reveal Impressions

Earlier this year, Ubisoft announced Assassin’s Creed 3 would be released in October.  Within the past week or so, they have released a few different images for the game.  This is Game Informer’s cover:

So the next one is set during the American Revolution then.  Interesting…

I guess I figured with the direction the story was going it would become more Desmond-centric–okay I take that back; it’s not blunt enough.  I was expecting AC3 to revolve solely around ol’ Dez.  It seems like the next logical progression for the story at this point.  At the same time–

–hang on, I’ll get to that–

–at the same time the whole franchise’s shtick, from the beginning, has been sitting around in a machine, named after a Jungian concept of the female perception of masculinity, reliving the memories of your ancestors (or it could mean soul, or maybe anger… gah! moving on).  I wondered how they were going to change the formula.  If at all.

. . . I said hang on, I’ll get to it . . .

I also think I would’ve preferred the game was set somewhere in the Old World with the rest.  What is there in Colonial America that can top cities like Acre, Florence, Rome, or Istanbul?  But I’m going to look at the positives: the AC games have always been a fantastic source for tangential learning, and I have no doubt this will help some people of my generation to actually learn something of their own country’s history.  I’m also starting to think Ubisoft couldn’t resist throwing the Free Masons and Illuminati into their Templar mix à la National Treasure or–

–OKAY FINE!  Since we’re all thinking it:

What the heck is up the the Assassin’s uniform white hood and cloak?  I mean, when we were Hashashin in the Third Crusade it kind of made sense, but from AC2 onward it’s been this universal thing.  Why?  It’s one of the most conspicuous get-ups in the history of ever, and the last thing, one would think, any assassin should want to wear.  They’ve been dressing like this for, at the very least, almost one thousand years.  People are going to know who they are.

Look, I have a soft spot for the Assassin’s Creed franchise, I really do, but the logic these games throw at us hurts the brain.  How is this suppose to be a story of a secret, underground war that’s controlling the course of human events when Assassins and Templars are (by the hundreds–even thousands) warring in the streets of major cities across the world?  I’m looking at you, AC: Revelations.

Here are two simple changes for the above image: 1) get rid of the hood.  That’s all I’m asking.  It’s stupid.  The rest of the uniform looks like it could be French (which I think even Revolutionary American soldiers wore), so I’ll accept that.  It’s still conspicuous, especially against, say, the British, but it’s better than the hood, and this suggestion saves the artists a complete do-over.

But how will we know it’s an Assassin???  This leads into 2) lose the axe; have the Hidden Blade extended–that, more than anything, is the trademark of the Assassins.  I could argue any costume away.  All we need to see is the hidden blade.

Also, I would like to recommend to Ubisoft to let players use disguises whenever they want, like in the Hitman games, instead of only at certain scripted story events.

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