Happening Stuffs and Upcoming Stuffs

So I went dark for about a month.  Been busy with college mostly.  Wrote some horrendous papers which I refuse to speak of–oh and I graduated back on the twentieth of this month of May.


Behold my geeked-out mortar board!

I have achieved victory–victory over ignorance as ye olde classic saying goes (does that mean much since I’m transferring to another school in the fall?).

Anyway, I took that picture with my new iPad–a graduation gift from my aunt.  I have to say, an iPad was one of the farthest possible things from my mind, so I was genuinely flabbergasted when I opened what was before a truly mysterious package.  The unexpected (and very appreciated) gift has turned out to be, overall, a fantastic little tool.

Moving on to other business:

Italy Trip

I’ve put off writing anything about the Italy (Sicily) trip because I realized the more I thought about it, the more I wasn’t sure how exactly to go about doing it.  I’ll probably only be able to include a picture or two because of limited space on this site.  I was originally going to go day-by-day, but that has changed to just recounting a few of the highlights.


I’ve had a Middle-earth Network Radio project under my belt for longer than I care to think about and the plan is to get it up and running this summer.  This must happen.  The original plan was to get started last Christmas break, which turned into last spring break (then I realized Italy was over spring break), which turned into now.  Hopefully, I’ll be announcing what it is soon and who my partners in crime are.  I’m a daggum producer at M-eN, dangit!, it’s bloody time I started putting that title to more use.

I also have something else in the works which will take longer to see the light of day.  I just wanted you to be aware there were two M-eN projects under my belt as opposed to just one.

Games and Other Writings

Multiple Halo Stuffs: There is still so much I want to talk about on this site.  One of these days I’m going to go into my love/hate relationship with Halo, talking about the lore, gameplay, the two most recent books (one I praise, the other I have nothing but bile for), and finally an aspect about this sci-fi shooter I’m sure 99% of you (even the diehard fans) will be surprised to learn about.

Fallout: New Vegas: I plan to talk about other games/things as well.  I, finally after all these years, have started a playthrough of Fallout: New Vegas where I side with Caesar’s Legion.  As much as I want to like the Legion, I have found them to be nothing but hateful, evil morons.  F:NV was advertised as a game with no definitive “good” and “evil” factions, and while it succeed with the idealistic, but incredibly faulty NCR, I think it fell flat on its face with C’sL–it just seems too obviously evil.  I have ideas how the Legion could be fixed but before I go into those I want to see what the Legion quests have in store.  There might be some surprises.

Mass Effect 3: As far as Mass Effect 3 goes, there has been so much friggin’ controversy over it, which still continues somewhat even after two months, that I want to wait for it to die down a little before I talk about whether or not it’s genuinely a good game despite having one of the worst  endings in video game history.  At the very least, I’ll wait for the “extended cut” ending DLC.

Science Fiction Versus Science Fantasy: … And Tolkien.  This will be like an essay thing.  I don’t really have much more to add to this now.  I trust the title speaks for itself without going into too much detail.

Other: Um… YEAH!!!  Sorry, my brain has run out of words.  I should probably give this blog a more detailed biography one of these days though….  But yeah….

I do have at least five or six drafts in the works.  So much to do.

Okay, yeah.  The end.

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