“Legolas” by Laura

Last night while listening to Warriors of the Westfold, our wonderful news team directed me towards a particular fan fiction story that has apparently been causing a bit of a stir: “Legolas” by Laura:

Legolas was riding along the woods and one day he found a baby whaped in colth so he got off his horse and went to the baby and then Legolas said”who left you here little one”and then the baby just cryed and then Legolas pick her up and hold her and then the baby stoped crying and then Legolas said”your name is going be Laura”and then Legolas and the baby went onto the horse and went back to the castle where he lived.Legolas said”father mother I found this little baby in the woods and then Legolas mother got up and walked down and said”how can people put baby in the woodsand to die”.Then Legolas father said”we are going to keep her”and then Legolas was happy for someriseing.

Did you get past the “first sentence”?  I know I couldn’t.  So I skipped to the Youtube adaptations.  Yes.  There are Youtube adaptions of this fanfic.  Several, in fact.  It’s that popular.

This video is the entire story.  Verbatim.  With pretty pictures.

All I can really say about the whole thing is, “Why???  Why???!!!  WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY???

But I will say that while the fanfic is pure torture to read (and I couldn’t do it), the movie adaptations are freaking hilarious!  I died laughing.  Then I continued to laugh, after I died, for over half an hour after I looked it up.

There’s also a live action trailer version that was made last year.

It’s stupid fun and you can tell these guys are enjoying themselves.  I’m particularly fond of the acting of the guy playing the Dark Lord.  His poses, delivery, and facial expressions are priceless.

If these guys ever decided to do the whole thing, I would watch it!

So thanks, Westfold Warriors, for an evening of eye-stabbing, ear-bleeding spectacular entertainment!


Okay, I have a little more to say than “WHYYY?”

As much as I enjoyed “Legolas” by Laura (well, the Youtube version anyway) the story is somewhat disturbing.  You have a ten year old girl who is kidnapped, beaten, raped, and whipped by orcs, and posioned poisoned by the “Dark Lord.”  Then Legolas falls in love and has a romantic relationship with her.

This creates a dichotomy for me where I hope the author is a ten year old girl so I can sign this story off as the writings of… well… a ten year old girl, so that maybe Legolas’s relationship with Laura makes a certain kind of sense in her mind.  Then I turn around, look at the torture and rape done to Laura (and apparently Legolas when “he was her age”) and think “Oh gosh!  I hope it’s not a ten year old girl,” then I look back at the romance and think “Oh gosh! …”  Thus a never ending circle.

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9 Responses to “Legolas” by Laura

  1. Britta says:

    I’m glad I actually took the time to watch both videos. I couldn’t stop laughing! The Grammar Nazi in me nearly keeled over in trying to read the first line, but hearing it read aloud was fantastic!


  2. Diamond says:

    That first video is so funny I was weeping from laughter! Thanks for the bright spot of the day 😀


  3. kylie says:

    Oh my gosh…my sister just walked in wondering why I was falling off my chair in laughter. Its the horrible writing, the way the lines are delivered that just…oh my gosh, its so funny…thank you Ian, for just cheering up my day completely, I am going to be laughing the entire afternoon now every moment I remember this.

    Yes, those guys looked like they had so much fun doing that live action trailer XD
    Who knew such a bad, bad fanfic could get so popular – *sigh* Typical… ^^; But still, so very amusing 😀


  4. dreamingfifi says:

    Oh, me and my college buddies did a godawful fanfic reading, and this is one of the fanfics that we did. We laughed ’til we cried.


  5. Sarah Subcreator says:

    I think I liked the live action trailer better. I cringed the whole time at the verbatim reading, but for some reason seeing actual people acting out the story was just hilarious. I laughed the whole time. Thanks. 🙂


  6. Lara says:

    Oh wow!!! It’s so bad that it’s fantastic! Well, what’s been done with it, not the original-lol. I would watch the whole movie too. 😀


  7. theviking says:

    Oh freakin’ wow, just wow.


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