Left 4 Dead 2 Helm’s Deep and Minecraft Gondolin

I’m suffering from another case of bad writer’s block, so I thought I’d share a couple vids I found on ze youtubez.

This first is what I assume is a L4D2 mod where you can fight off hoards of zombies at Helm’s Deep.

Part one is basically the players expressing a sense of wonder at the mod, part two is the players getting their butts handed to them, and in part three they finally get their act together.

It’s times like this I really wish my rig was powerful enough to play games like these so I could get all the mods.

The other gem I stumbled across is a Minecraft adventure map: The Fall of Gondolin–from the same guys who brought you Minecraft Middle-earth.

The amount of work these guys put into these maps is absolutely incredible.  The mountains, rivers, mines, the layout of the city itself, it’s just… I don’t know… wow…

I own Minecraft, so I will more than likely be getting this map.

Enjoy guys.

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