War in the North Music Revisted: An Apology

On the twelfth of July, I harped about Snowblind’s LotR: War in the North music for the Prancing Pony being a ripoff of the music from the Halo 3: ODST trailer.  This morning I was talking to a friend and it turns out that the particular piece of music featured in both games is actually a song unto itself called “The Light of Aidan.”

The piece in question is originally Welsh and a part of it was translated into Hungarian for the Halo trailer.  This is actually not the first time Halo’s marketing has used old works of music in their trailers, by the way (Chopin’s Raindrop is featured in this one).

I realize the error of my ways, and I wanted to apologize for the misinformation a few days ago and the harping of that particular song.  It’s always great when games incorporate music, or anything else like this as it makes for great exposure and can be a excellent source of tangential learning.  In a way, a Welsh song like this fits appropriately into the Middle-earth setting… I don’t know about the Prancing Pony, but definitely the world overall.

On the whole though, I still stand by my argument that WitN lacks distinctive melodies–I do not think this one song disproves that assertion.

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2 Responses to War in the North Music Revisted: An Apology

  1. I saw your initial post and I was 99% sure I had read something about it being used in Halo previously but from a public domain source.

    Didn’t respond because I don’t see the need for you and I to argue about WitN anymore 😉

    I agree, that piece didn’t necessarily “fit” with Bree perfectly, but it did a decent enough job. Cool of you to come out and apologize for the rant though.


    • Ian says:

      Haha, well I wish you would’ve at least said something about the Light of Aidan bit, I wouldn’t have let it sit as long as it did. :p


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