Mass Effect 2 LP with Aldowyn

Last night, I teamed up with fellow Twentysiders, Aldowyn and Exetera, for a Let’s Play of Mass Effect 2 to talk about and analyze the game.  It was a lot of fun getting to speak to these guys for the first time after only running to them in the comment section every now and then.  I’m grateful they had me on.

This is episode nine, and it’s the start of their third week.  If you’re interested in the playlist so far, look here.

We had a lot of technical difficulties, so the plan is to finish this week’s episodes, then I might stick around for next week’s batch as well.  After that?  Who knows.

At around the five minute mark, there was a fluke when talking about the conversion of kilograms to pounds.  I looked it up afterwards.  20 Kilograms is, in fact, (about) 44 pounds.  I knew I wasn’t crazy!

Anyway, check out Aldowyn and Exetera’s blogs.  They’re cool guys.

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