Arcanauts: Session II

And now for more Arcanauts!  We had our second session last Saturday.  Read here.

Oh, and for reference, here is a cross-section of the colony our party is currently at.

We were absent two players at the beginning this week so the DM cooked up a quick and solid reason for the Psion, Aladraian, and the Halfing Rogue, Julie, to temporarily split from the party.  Lachlan, the other Rogue, also had to leave the session early, but not before accidentally setting off a flash-bang wand and stunning everyone.  This greatly annoyed most of the in-game characters (poor Lachlan.  Haha!).  Our Artificer, Cassie, stormed off in a bad mood in search of the Aladraian and Julie, probably as a reason to back out early as well.  Knostril expressed concern over the division of numbers when he, Cassie, and Julie were all suppose to be keeping an eye on the newcomers (the rest of the party) and also when they had yet to even round up the cattle in the supernatural storm.

And then there were three…

The Warden of the party, Crias, was very intent on trying to gleam as much information as he could from the ghost of Yorick, whom you may remember from last session, about his killer, but then we finally got around to rescuing the cows.

Knostril learned that Adumla can consume poisonous substances, but will filter out toxins, remaining edible even under extreme conditions.  Yay for Science!

Hehe… this was actually a question asked out of character.  For some reason I don’t rightly remember, I asked if the Adumla (colloquially named “lizard cows”) were like actual cows in that cows can eat wonderful things like poisonous weeds and it won’t harm them, but taint their milk.  Then I remembered that reptiles don’t lactate, but it was all good because these Adumla critters filter out anything and everything anyway, making them excellent farm animals on just about any alien world.  Yay for world building (and science)!

Towards the end of the session when we found not only the body of the town wizard atop the biome, but also that his soul had been swapped with a poor, confused ghost, I actually dozed off as we were discussing possible leads.  The last thing I remember was asking a DM question (and then there were two…), then next thing I know I’m the only one on Roll20.  D’OH!!!

The group assured me it was no big deal and the session was practically done anyway, but I still felt like a dolt.  I guess that’s what I get for putting my laptop on my bed.

As far as the whole wizard thing goes, I almost wonder if the guy’s soul is in the possession of the unknown assassins.  I guess we’ll look into that next session.

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