Arcanauts: Sesson III

The third session of our Arcanauts campaign from last Saturday is ready for your reading pleasure.

I don’t have much to add.  Right in the middle of the session, Roll20 started acting up and I lost all audio.  The Settings tab in the sidebar told me I was set up to receive audio from everyone yet it was not doing so.  I tried:

  1. Leaving the game and coming back.
  2. Signing out of Roll20 and signing back in.
  3. Restarting my computer.
  4. Switching internet browsers.  I was using Firefox and the only other browser I had was Internet Explorer.  I reluctantly tried that but it turns out Roll20 isn’t compatible with IE.  I can’t say I blame the Roll20 folks for not wanting to touch that.
  5. Tried downloading Google Chrome.  This was the recommendation from Roll20 itself with links and all.  Either that or Firefox.  I came from Firefox sooo… Chrome it was.  Nothing happened.  I apparently downloaded something called “Chrome Frame”.  No idea what that was, but it didn’t work.  I looked further down the page to find an actual link to Google Chrome aaand…
  6. Successfully downloaded Google Chrome.  Nothing changed.  Still no audio.  What on earth was going on?
  7. Checked Settings again.  Everything looked in order, and I was allowing sound to be transmitted to and from my headset.  Was I crazy?  Then I got a burst of sound from the rest of the group (my ears!  Well, not really), but it turned out I could hear them but they couldn’t hear me.
  8. Finally, I laid my eyes on the mute, volume control, and second settings tabs beneath the empty, little profile boxes where our avatars/faces should’ve been.  For some reason, I decided to click on the Settings tab even though it should be telling me the same info as the other in the sidebar.  I got a different window with four options for voice and audio.  I don’t remember exactly what it said, but the default for my mic was offline, or not responding, or… something like that.  Bottom-line is it wasn’t working.  I tried one of the other three options.  Not sure what they were or what the difference was.  Suddenly, everything was working again.  That was weird.  Two different settings for audio?  And I guess the left hand can’t tell what the right is doing?  Okay, whatever.

I could still communicate via the chatbox during all of this, and my personal running gag was that Knostril set off a deafening trap–we were in a wizard’s tower, it could’ve happened.

Moving downstairs they saw the door locked, the Arcane battery ablaze and the entrance regrown into sturdy, regenerating oak trees that could not be felled despite Knostril’s best efforts.

Needless to say I missed a lot of the details, even after I got audio back.  The tower was on fire?  I’m grateful for these recaps.  When the DM graciously writes “despite Knostril’s best efforts”  what he actually means is that I spammed the chatbox with damage rolls while singing Monty’s Python’s Lumberjack song (even though I was using a massive maul and not an axe).

So, I’m going to show off my Fighter for a second here.  One of my At-Will powers is an attack called Brash Strike which allows me to not only add my Strength modifier to damage, but also my Constitution modifier if I’m using an axe, hammer, or mace-type weapon.  I’m using a maul which is a large, two-handed hammer and allows me to roll 2d6 damage.  Both my STR and CON are currently 17 so I get a bonus 3 damage from each.  I also have the Dwarven Weapon Training feat which gives me an additional +2 damage (axe, hammer, mace).  So my total for Brash Strike is 2d6+8.  I can roll a minimum of 10 damage per round.  Not bad for level one, I think.  The only effect I get from this is that I grant combat advantage to the target until the start of my next turn.  That’s what?  +2 attack against me?  I’m a Fighter; it’s my job to distract enemies and take all the hits.  I think I’ll manage

Okay, I’m done showing off now.  Sorry.

Sooo… yeah.  Conspiracies, assassins, fiery towers that may also be spaceships.  Will we escape?  Meh.  We’ll probably die horribly and pathetically.  Stay tuned, will you?  It’ll be hilarious.

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