Arcanauts: Session IV

Since only three of our players were able to make this past session we didn’t do much other than mess around.  Knostril and Zasahl, our Dragonborn Cleric, decided to duke it out.  It started with petty insults and demands.  And just because really.

Roll20 started acting up for me again, and I lost all voice and audio, so the whole thing was communicated via IM.  Some fun snippets were:

*Rolls for initiative*

Knostril: COME AT ME BRO!

*Zasahl rolls a 1*


*I attack, but don’t beat his armor class*

Zasahl: HA!  Your attacks are no match for the armor of my faith (also my actual armor)!

And so we went back and forth exchanging blows.  We both had a really high Armor Class, so it was difficult.  My attacks (if you recall from session three) did enough damage so that when I did hit, I pretty much always knocked the Dragonborn down to half-health automatically.  Since he was a Cleric though, he pretty much just healed himself.

More fun snippets:

Knostril: I may not have healing, but I WILL TAKE YOU DOWN!

Zasahl: What’s four feet tall and is about to get a morning star full of Priest’s Shield to the noggin?

The battle continued like this until we wore each other down to only a few hitpoints.  All it would take was one final connecting blow.

Knostril hesitated, unwilling to gamble what little energy he had left on one last attack.

At this point in the fight I wasn’t quite sure what to do.  The difference between us is that Zasahl can heal himself whenever he wants.  I could use my Second Wind or a Healing Surge, but that would waste a turn and delay the inevitable, putting us back to where we started–back to where Knostril started this round.  I had to end this.  Eventually I lunged forward…

… and missed.

Zasahl finished the job.  It was an incredible duel though, a battle for the ages.  And something I can’t really recapture here.  Both Jarenth (Zasahl’s player, if you recall) and I learned through the fires of war is that together, our characters would be nigh unstoppable.

At any rate, the DM decided to make this whole thing the real deal, and we were deceived by a psychic defense construct or something, which we were able to stop.  And we slowed down the fires.  And we got a bonus feat out of it.

So that was cool.

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2 Responses to Arcanauts: Session IV

  1. krellen says:

    So, you know that, as a dwarf, your Second Wind only costs a minor action, right?


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