Arcanauts: Session V

Here’s the link to our fifth session.  Things are starting to get crazy with the colony apparently trying to blow up and the reveal of political shenanigans.  (Also been running a week behind schedule since Session IV.  Sorry about that.  I’ll try getting us caught up this week.)

There are lots of references here, so let me try and help.  This assassination is a result of friction between the Icons, the prominent political figures of the Arcanauts setting.  Back in Session I, we met Lord Ceylon Tuatha AKA the “World Builder” who is the co-owner of the Whetstone-Tuatha mega-corporation, responsible for things like colonization and terra-forming.  Knostril is actually hired on as a WT guard for the colony.  In this session, the assassins mention the Astrosage, the head of the Galactic Order of Astronomy which made space flight possible, and the Huntsman, a drow (or dark elf) which, as I understand it, is the head of the criminal underground.  The drow and the dwarves have an unfortunate history what with the drow trying rise up from the depths of the earth and seize the planet before the Age of Stars when space-travel became a thing–said dwarves being one of the major races at the front of the Motherrock’s defense.  Naturally, Knostril is none too thrilled at the involvement of a drow in all of this.

Both the Astrosage and the World Builder are members of the Emerald Council, effectively the center of galactic government after the dragons tried to seize Wyrmweb Station and were forced to make a truce.  The Wyrmweb Station, formerly known as the Shardmind Hub, is the basically the center of galactic civilization, and where the afore-mentioned council resides.

That was a massive lore dump, and I probably should’ve planned to sprinkle it little by little from the start, so I really do apologize for that.

The concern of the Astrosage here seems to be that Lord Tuatha might want to control the planet’s strange properties of manipulating life and death for his own ends, keeping friends and removing enemies.  However, Tuatha is known to be quite the philanthropist.  At this time Knostril, as a guard of WT, knows where his loyalties lie.  There is no concrete evidence of Tuatha’s shady dealings.  There’s the murder of Yorick and Kraall, and the involvement of the Huntsmen.  His only real home of the last few years is also in ruins, and to top it all off he has the assassins standing before him.  He is all for turning the agents in to Lord Tuatha–insistent actually, since he sees the whole party as his (and Julie’s) charges.

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