Arcanauts: Session VI

Remember the cross-section of the Ferrosa colony I showed you a few sessions back?  Wellllll…


Everything is way worse than I imagined.  Hooray for visual aids… I guess.

As it turns out, the assassins are in possession of Kraall’s soul, who was able to basically confirm the questionable dealings of Lord Tuatha.  At this point, I suppose Knostril has no choice but to believe the accusations.  He also finally learned, in character, that Crias destroyed Kraall’s notes for no apparent reason earlier in the tower/ship, and that it was a boon to the group.  On the one hand, it buys the party some time because Tuatha can’t use the information for what he needs.  On the other hand, Knostril was really hoping for a reason to slap the troublesome Watersoul Genasi on the wrists for destruction of property.  I guess Druid Bob confiscating the shock stick will have to do.  The dwarf may have to chip in with the Astrosage now, but neither he as a character nor I as a player don’t think for one second that the Huntsman doesn’t have another angle to his involvement.  And I’m not ruling out the Astrosage seeking some personal gain either, just to be on the safe side.  We’re dealing with very powerful political figures here, after all.

The party also learns, in character, that our friendly neighborhood Eladrin, Aladraian, is an apprentice of the famous Icon, Grayson Faraday the Psionist, who recently went missing.  For those who need a recap and don’t want to go fishing through old posts, we learned back in session three that Kraall was (also) an apprentice of Faraday’s.  Faraday showed interest in something known as the Bellerephon Cascade, “an obscure nebula with strange and unpredictable properties”.  Shortly thereafter he vanished.  This is why Aladraian came to Ferrosa; he knew of Kraall and hoped the wizard might have an inkling as to the whereabouts of their master.  As of now, the spirit of Kraall doesn’t know where Faraday might be found.

Knostril isn’t quite sure what to do about all this, but maybe–hopefully–he can seek some sort of aid from the dwarven half of the Whetstone-Tuatha corporation.

In other news, the party advanced to level two.  Yay!

In other, other news, we are now caught up on the current session again.  Yay!  That wasn’t so bad.

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6 Responses to Arcanauts: Session VI

  1. Aldowyn says:

    Note: no one has mentioned the whole apprentice thing yet, so keep that in mind. I imagine some people may be a tiny bit upset that I wasn’t totally honest. Also I’ve seen gathered most of the information on Faraday myself, since it’s currently pretty tangential to the party goals, so I know WAY more about his possible whereabouts than everyone else, at least in character. (Although it still amounts to ‘apparently something fishy is going on at the bellerophon cascade so he probably went there’)


    • Ian says:

      Ah, but as I understood it Kraall mentioned not anticipating a second apprentice, and since you operated the ship I assumed the rest of us could take that and work from there.

      Also, I don’t really see people being cheesed; curious why you didn’t say something before maybe, but not really upset. Unless you are referring to people outside of the party?


      • Aldowyn says:

        Well I meant no one in the party has mentioned it, what Kraall said definitely made it obvious.

        And someone pretty deliberately asked me if I had anything to do with the Faraday Corps, and I quite distinctly did NOT say I was Faraday’s apprentice. So there’s that.


  2. Pyradox says:

    Just because Knostril believes the assassins think that doesn’t mean he has to go along with their plan – they don’t necessarily know what Tuatha plans on doing with the heart. Additionally, he has no reason to suspect you guys are working against him, so you could take advantage of that and not work against him. That could rather easily get you some help from W-T, though if you’re aiming for something specific you should say so and then I’ll be able to incorporate that (or not).


    • Ian says:

      True, I guess, but Tuatha working demons doesn’t exactly look good.

      And just to clarify, because I think this is the answer to your question: when contemplating getting help from the Whetstone half, I’m referring to potential help against Tuatha, in this instance.


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