Arcanauts: Session VII

Since no one was willing to take the assassins at their word that they would help the colony (I think me in particular), they decided to contact the Astrosage, who then summoned the demon (all bound), who spilled the beans.  If anyone still had any doubts about the Worldbuilder, then I guess those doubts are now gone.

The creature is referred to as a demon in the post but it’s proper name seems to be a “Namer Devil”.  Seeing how demons and devils are two different entities in D&D, I’m not entirely sure which this is.  Since the word “devil” appears once or twice in name only, and is referred to as demon everywhere else, I guess we’ll go with “demon”.   This demon, as its name suggests, was a collector of names and often acted as an information broker, and it knew one of our number (Crias) by merely laying eyes on him.  Knostril is not a fan of demons or devils (and was greatly annoyed just how long the party dragged out the conversation despite how pressed for time they were), but he was particularly agitated with this kind of demon.  He was relieved when it took no notice of him, and doubly so when the Astrosage incinerated it.  His time has not yet come for him to reveal who he really is.  He was absolutely furious at Aladraian for seriously wanting the demon to be kept around.  It does give him more common ground with the Dragonborn priest Zasahl, though.

As far as running into fellow WT guardsmen go, Knostril isn’t quite sure what to do here.  Are they out hunting the party on orders from Tuatha?  Will he have to (or be able to) bluff them into thinking he’s on their side?  Or will he be able to enlist their aid?

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