Arcanauts: Session VIII

As the session started I expressed my concern about the Whetstone-Tuatha guards with the rest of the party.  Can we trust them, or will they try to arrest us on site?  Surely the fact that Knostril was one of them had to give us some leeway?  My conclusion was the chances of the guards being friends or foes was pretty much fifty-fifty, so we might as well just walk up to them, and if need-be bluff.  The results were somewhat mixed.

There were three dwarves and two elves, with one of the dwarves being the leader of the squad.  The DM ruled that I knew the other two dwarves, and I got to name them on the spot!  Hooray!…  Thank heavens for old puns and previous D&D characters.  All I had to go on was these two dwarves in particular didn’t seem to like their leader who was pretty much adamant in arresting us, regardless of evidence.  We managed to botch most of our bluff, diplomacy, and intimidation rolls.  I tried rolling my relationship die with WT to try and pull rank, which failed.  Then, still using my position as a guard, tried bluffing about being on an important errand for Tuatha, called out the leader on his accusations, and tried to undermine his authority.

Fun fact: when I told the leader I had had it with his unjust accusations, the DM immediately began saying “Oh my gosh!  It would be great if you punched him right now.  Do it!  Punch him!  I let you roll straight up damage with a critical!”

After a second I asked, “… Are you giving me your BLESSING to go Commander Shepard on this guy?”

“DO IT!”  He yelled.  I’m pretty sure he was frothing at the mouth.  It’s not often you see a DM do something like this out of the blue, at least in my experience, since it’s technically not their job to dictate actions to the players in such a way.  Nevertheless, it was hilarious.  He told me I didn’t have to roll attack since the hunter was standing in front of me and would not expect a sudden punch, so I rolled damage aaaaaaaaaaand…

Crias jumped me and pushed me aside for no reason.  Knostril, the character wasn’t the only one who was cheesed off.  Shortly thereafter everything went to crap.  The hunter was intent on killing us, but I didn’t want to fight the others, so I spent a lot of time appealing to my guard friends’ dwarven honor and insulting the leader, especially when it turned out he wasn’t all that tough, considering he was suppose to be one of Tuatha’s personal guards.  Oh, and I punched the hunter in combat.  It was a crappy roll but it was for catharsis more than anything.

I think most everyone was surprised when the hunter turned out to be a demon in disguise.  It must have been one of the creatures Tuatha had given status in exchange for knowledge and power, and it was convincing evidence of Tuatha’s sinister motives.  The fact that the Icon was also referred to as the World Broker was troubling.  The idea of brokering an entire planet for power fills one with a certain dread.  I told the dwarf guards to seek help from friends inside the company, spread the word, get it as far up the chain of command as possible, even to WT’s other co-owner Stonemantle and his friends if possible.  The dwarves asked me a troubling question I hadn’t considered: “How can we know who our friends are?”  It was true.  Anyone in the company could be a demon in disguise.  What were we to do?  Surely there had to be old and trusted friends somewhere.  We’re going to need all the help we can get.

At this point our own group still had to worry about the seals in the ancient city keeping the Primordial Heart dormant.

There is also the matter of Crias, especially in Knostril’s eyes.  The Genasi has been acting erratically pretty much from the start.  Suddenly pushing Knostril to prevent him from punching what would turn out to be a demon is certainly suspicious.  All things considered, will I actually have Knostril confront Crias, possibly in what could turn out to be a violent way?  The conflict is interesting, but I’m not sure I want to hinder the sessions with actual party members trying to kill each other.

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One Response to Arcanauts: Session VIII

  1. Aldowyn says:

    It was your time to shine and Crias stole it! >:[


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