Arcanauts: Sessions IX & X

Evening image of the ruined mountain, colony, and city beneath. Did I mention our DM draws all this?

After many delays and distractions, we finally made our way into the (not-)undercity, and into the Water Temple to find our first seal that we may have access to the Primordial Heart.  In the temple we learned some interesting implications about Ceylon Tuatha and that another Icon, the Fey Queen, may be involved in all of this somehow.  Despite our best efforts, we were forced to fight the Water Seal Guardians.  It was brutal; Crias and Knostril almost died at least twice, each, but we were victorious in the end.  Since this was one of our first serious fights, we discovered just how well all of our skills work in concert with one another.  We then made our plans as what to do next.

That’s all I really have for you.  Here are the links to sessions nine and ten.  I really don’t have much to say and I’m still recovering from the brutality that was finals.  Besides, there’s plenty of reading here anyway.

I’ll just close with this:

The dust finally settled.  Knostril–leaning on his hammer–spat blood, looked up, and was disappointed he didn’t get a chance to swing at the big guy…

Dang!  Now I want to write up my own interpretation of the battle.  Gah!  Self-control, Ian!  You still have all these other drafts sitting in your queue!

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