Arcanauts: Sessions XI & XII Finale

And so we come to the final stretch of our campaign.  For some reason I had it in my head this would be a long, drawn out epic adventure that would take us away from the colony and across the galaxy, trying to find some means of stopping a corrupt Icon from awakening the Primordial back on that little world where it all began.  That’s not what the campaign was.  It was much shorter, and in some ways less complex than that.

And that’s totally okay.

From start to finish, the campaign was boatloads of fun to play with my fellow Twentysiders.  And the ending with the Primordial was phenomenal.  Maybe it’s one of those thing where you have to be there.  I wish I could recount every detail of those last moments in particular, but alas it is beyond my skill and powers of recollection.  Suffice it to say, it was good.  As I stated in the beginning, this was our DM’s first time hosting a game, not to mention the custom rules, setting, and managing a party of (what ended up being) six players from across the world.  He did good, hard work.

Without further ado, here are the last two sessions.  Again, I don’t have much to say, especially since I took time off writing this for Christmas and New Years.  There’s more than enough reading material here.

I guess what I can say is that the reclusive Knostril found some worthy traveling companions, especially in the Eladrin Psionic, Aladraian, and the Dragonborn Cleric, Zasahl–the last one is especially surprising for him considering his feelings towards dragon-kind, but with the passage of time he has found Zashal to be more and more of a venerable and honorable companion.  Should need or reason arise, he would be more than happy to travel with them once again, having no real home.  He might even talk the halfing Julie into coming along.  And in speaking of which (referencing the backstory), the dwarf was very much tempted by the offer of the Fey Queen.  The thought of having the means to return to his home stirred quite the longing within him.  It is just as well the offer was rejected of course, but Knostril would be lying if he wasn’t honest.  But this is not the last we shall hear from this venerable dwarf.

For some behind-the-scenes material, you can read a short post here and see just how drastically the story changed from what it originally was.  It also includes more great artwork (which was our final arena) from the DM!

This is also not the end of our characters’ adventures, as suggested earlier.  The great thing about shorter games is it allows for more episodic content (should the DM choose to do so).

For now, thanks for reading, and a huge thanks to our DM for putting this all together!

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One Response to Arcanauts: Sessions XI & XII Finale

  1. Aldowyn says:

    The character backstories will definitely play a part eventually. This is just the first of many adventures, I hope 😉

    I need to find Faraday >.>


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