Arcanauts: Meet the Fellowship

Party sketch by our DM. From left to right: Knostril, Crias, Julie, Lachlan, Zasahl, and Alardraian.

Party sketch by our DM. From left to right: Knostril, Crias, Julie, Lachlan, Zasahl, and Aladraian (Cassie not shown).

When playing (or reading about) a campaign, it’s always a good to know who the unlikely band of adventurers are and what brought them together.  As mentioned before, this group was made up of fellow Twentysiders whom I interviewed and/or pulled information off their character sheet to put this post together.  So without further ado, allow me to formally (and finally) introduce the companions of Knostril!

Aladraian is an Eladrin (think “high elf” in Fourth Edition setting) Psion with an emphasis on telekinesis–the ability to psychically manipulate objects.  He serves the role of the “party wizard” and is played by Aldowyn, who some of you may remember back when I was a guest on his Mass Effect 2 Let’s Play.

Aladraian is the apprentice of the Icon Grayson Faraday, the Psionist.  When his master mysteriously went missing, the young Psion set out to discover what happened to him.  He knew of Faraday’s other apprentice, Kraall, the resident wizard of the Ferrosa colony, and made his way there to ask the Tiefling some questions in the event he knew anything of Faraday’s whereabouts.  He arrived just in time for the colony’s touchdown festival.

Aladraian is consumed with the desire to pursue knowledge (even the questionable) to a fault, as well as mastering his Psionic craft.  He also believes such knowledge should be used to help people and protect the less powerful.  Knowledge is neither good nor evil to him–merely a tool.  He’s very driven, willing to fight for what he wants, and is committed to his line of thinking, believing it to be the best.  He is also easily distracted within his own mind, often appearing aloof, and is very talkative, loving to explain phenomena.

Cassanna “Cassie” Cloudclimber is a (mostly*) Human Artificer.  The best way to describe an Artificer to the uninitiated is they are like an “arcane engineer”, magically imbuing weapons and armor as well as being good with traps, alchemy, and other tools, and commanding artificial constructs.  It’s pretty much a support class.

Cassie was played by Krellen and appeared in the first two sessions of the campaign before deciding to drop out, saying, “Seven’s a crowd”.  😦  However, because his character did take part and can be found in the lists, I believe it best that Cassie be acknowledged and mentioned, rather than ignored.  Who knows? perhaps we can persuade a return to future games!

The Cloudclimbers are a wealthy family living in the Wyrmweb.  Cassie is the black sheep daughter of a *half-elven father and human mother.*  Despite the best efforts of her parents to mold her into a figure of grace and refinement, Cassie was fascinated by the vessels and crews that passed through the Web.  Always a tomboy, she quickly discovered a natural aptitude for the mechanics of space travel, and so it soon became the pilots and engineers that attracted most of her attention.  As she grew older, the attention started to be reciprocated.  At eighteen, she ran away with an engineer whose eye she had caught.  As is the case with almost all young love, it didn’t work out, and Cassie found herself stranded in Ferrosa colony, with few possessions, no money, and no passage home (and, most likely, no welcome to that home).  She has spent the past several years working as the colony’s tinkerer/blacksmith, often frustrated in her attempts to get the board of governors to allow her to fix the colony’s Faraday cage so it works as it was initially designed.  During those years Cassie met and worked with a Halfling named Julie.  She also met a quiet Dwarf, named Knostril, working security for the colony as well as the assets of the Whetstone-Tuatha corporation.

Being confident and sure of herself, Cassie tends to be brash, but is also secretive and carries an undercurrent of grace despite her rough exterior.  Though she can be impulsive and throw caution to the winds, she also believes in order, finding chaos nigh intolerable.  Everything has to be just so.  At times she is hot-headed; at other times she is gentle.  Just like her toughness, yet gracefulness; her somewhat dirty appearance verses her tidy workbench and optimally running machines.  It’s almost as if she represents the struggle between the Elvish and Human blood within her.

Crias Syld is a Genasi, one of the more fantastical races in the D&D setting.  Though fairly human in appearances, each possesses a manifestation of five different elements in nature (fire, air, earth, water, and thunder and lightning) and their appearance and temperament varies based on those elements.  Some Genasi can inherit another manifestation in late adolescents or adulthood (and possibly more after that, though it is rare).  Crias began as a Watersoul Genasi and manifested as a Windsoul midway through the campaign.

The young Genasi’s character class is a Warden, essentially a warrior of nature, and possesses some training as a Monk; thus while possessing a shield, he has no real weapons to speak of, unless you include his Primal and elemental abilities.  His character is played by Desgardes (think Descartes).

Crias grew up on Nasca (AKA the “Motherrock” of Humans, Elves, Dwarves, etc.) in an enclave similar to a college or museum.  It was run by a society of persons dedicated to the preservation and utilization of technologies used before the boom of space travel in the Age of Stars and the arrival of the Shardminds and their station (what would later be called the Wyrmweb).  Crias belonged to one of the only two Genasi families in the enclave and didn’t care much for his schooling in technology, preferring the things of nature instead.  He spent most of his time with a Stormsoul girl from the other Genasi family, named Byscal, whom he once rescued from bullies in the enclave.  On one occasion he saved the leader of the bullies from drowning, proving himself the better man and easing conflict between the two.

A week after his nineteenth birthday, the college was attacked by bandits and some technologies, as well as hostages, were taken off-world.  Byscal was among the hostages.  A rescue mission was mounted by the locals, which Crias was determined to join, and they appealed to Briganan Earthroot, the Planet King, for aid.  Being granted the necessary papers and some resources, the party pursued the bandits; however, Crias’ father managed to get in contact with the leader of the expedition and, upon his urging, the leader had Crias stranded on the Ferrosa colony with just enough money to get home.  But Crias isn’t going back without everything returned to its proper place.  He was stranded shortly before Ferrosa’s Touchdown Festival.

Crias is an extremely curious and naive individual, constantly poking around, even into places he probably shouldn’t, and getting into trouble as a result–sometimes not only at his expense but those around him as well.  And while he possesses an incredible perception, and a certain intuition, he doesn’t always think things through.  He is very mercurial and chaotic, although that is partly due to his nature as a Genasi and the elemental forces within him.  To go along with his extreme sense of curiosity is his idealism and his “No one has to die” philosophy, but while he detests the act of killing itself, he has no qualms over breaking every bone in his opponent’s body if he has to.  He may be a trouble-maker, but he’s also an empathetic creature, protective over those he cares for.

Julie Greenleaf is a Halfling Rogue, serving as one of the party’s two thief classes, and is the designated sniper.  She is played by JPH.

Julie was born and raised into a guild of bandits and thieves known as Starshadow who made their way in the galaxy by raiding and pillaging ships and colonies, typically killing only those who resisted.  As such, Julie saw nothing other than a darker side of the galaxy for most of her life.  And she learned to do her part growing up, at the behest of her parents.  Starshadow would do occasional work for the mysterious Icon known only as the Huntsman, or another guild; it was through one of these guilds that Julie met a dear friend.  But it was not meant to last; things went south between these two guilds and Julie was expected to kill that friend.  It was in this moment Julie questioned her place in life.  She didn’t want to do this anymore.  She warned her friend instead and the two ran off together before eventually splitting up and going into hiding.  Julie found herself on the small, out-of-the-way colony of Ferrosa, spending the next few years on the maintenance crew.  Her small size allowed her to get into places others could not, making her a real asset to the team.  One of the people she met during her work was Cassie, who helped her feel welcome in a strange, new world.  She also occasionally bumped into the reclusive Dwarf guard, Knostril.

Julie has spent the past few years trying to rediscover herself as well as figure out her own moral compass.  She has already decided she doesn’t like the way her family kills and steals without regard for the lives of the victims, but she doesn’t know what she believes is okay for her to do.  On occasion, especially early on, Julie would nab something if she felt in need or want (or if she thought she could get away with it), and she is not above killing should the circumstances arise, but she has yet to figure out where the line should be drawn.  Some of the ways in which Julie is still consistent are her dry sense of humor, as well as her tendency to be aloof and detached.

Lachlan is a Human Rogue, the second of the party’s two thief classes–more skilled with blades and daggers as well as having more utility powers than those of attack.  His character is played by Ranneko.

Although Lachlan grew up on a backwater colony world he learned to make the most of it… in his own special way.  A dashing, young scoundrel, he had a knack for getting into places he shouldn’t–especially the colony magistrate’s house where he fell madly in lust? love with the daughter, Alyssa.  The magistrate caught on and did everything he could to keep the young rogue out: increased security, traps, more traps; none of it worked until he managed to sneak his daughter off-world.  Lachlan was able to discover this, but not the destination.  From that moment on, it was not worth staying.  Ditching the miserable rock, he set out across the galaxy to find his fortune, and hopefully his love one day.

Shortly after leaving, Lachlan heard about the upcoming Touchdown Festival–the 50th anniversary of Ferrosa’s founding–and made his way to the colony on Migdol.  It was obviously a momentous enough occasion for the Whetstone-Tuatha if the World Builder himself, Lord Ceylon Tuatha, would be in attendance.  As a wise and powerful druid, people from all corners of the galaxy would be gathering to hopefully partake in his unique insight.  The colony would be unusually crowded, but the chance to seek the counsel of Lord Tuatha (and perhaps the chance for an “opportunist” to help himself to the guest’s valuables) was too much to resist.

Lachlan is pretty much what you expect from a young rogue coming into his twenties and fresh off of a backwater planet.  He’s sharp, full of himself and his abilities, and impulsive.  If he gets an idea into his head he’s likely to try it, regardless if it’s the wisest course of action or not.  His past exploits with the magistrate have made him bold but he still has much to learn.

Zasahl Melandro is a Dragonborn, a race of humanoid dragons.  He is a Cleric of Bahamut, the god of justice, protection, and hope.  He is a powerful healer, a capable warrior, and is played by Jarenth.

Born with a restless soul, Zasahl spent a large part of his formative years searching for a purpose.  He fought in a mercenary band, served as a diplomatic envoy, and accompanied traveling scholars, before seeking his luck in the service of the gods.  An encounter with a high priest of Pelor resolved his inner turmoil and clarified his path.  He now spends his life in dedicated service–to Bahamut.  Zasahl travels from place to place, always trying to be there where the influence of Bahamut is needed most keenly.  His travels brought him to Ferrosa just in time for the colony’s Touchdown Festival.

Despite what his appearance might tell some at first glance, Zasahl is friendly, polite, and well spoken.  He prefers to emphasize the “protection” and “hope” aspects of his deity.  A nigh-eternal optimist, he believes in second chances and talking things out.  If something can’t be talked out, he will try a non-lethal takedown first, but even Zasahl knows all of that only goes so far, especially when someone intends evil against the innocent.  The accumulated experience of his past lives makes him no stranger to combat.  To that end, Zasahl is the personification of “speak softly and carry a big stick”.  He strives to be a good example in all he does, but the Cleric knows he is neither perfect, nor that his is all wisdom.

If you haven’t read my character Knostril’s story, look here.  If you’re familiar with the cast, start the adventure here!

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