New Plan

There is something I feel must be faced and addressed.  This blog is pretty dead.

Occasionally, there will be a burst of posts, but those moments are few and far between, AND on top of that the releases are random.  Other than the guarantee (or perhaps rather the determination) to write at least one post every month, there is no dependency.

A few times in the past I have all but promised several posts and projects which have not shown up at all.  I have come through on some of it, of course, but nowhere near all of it.  For me, this embarrassing and unacceptable.  The problem is I’m not entirely sure what to do about it.  A major part of the issue is my massive bouts of chronic writer’s block.  Even when I make outlines, even when I know exactly what I want to say I just can’t seem to get my thoughts onto the freaking page.  Another issue, I think, is I tried to either look to far ahead, or do too much at once, couple this with school responsibilities and you get a whole lot of nothing.

If I had my way, I’d dedicate much more time to this site, but that’s not how life works.  I obviously can’t get around “real life” responsibilities and I can’t instantly cure my chronic writer’s block, but I can mitigate the deadness here.  Everything begins with baby steps.

Here’s the deal: I’m officially putting almost everything (including old things I’ve mentioned in posts like “Upcoming Stuffs” which I’ve linked above) on the back-burner, save for a handful of topics that are currently at the forefront of my mind.  I’ve tried to be current with things going on in the game industry, for example, but it puts a pressure on me I have not beaten nine times out of ten, then the issue ceases to be relevant.  At any given time, there are several topics I want to cover.  I kid you not when I tell you I have fifteen or sixteen drafts in my queue, in various stages of completion, and another five or six in my mind as of this writing–some of those have been sitting around since the birth of this blog.  I just need to settle down and focus on a few things at a time, especially those where time isn’t an issue (and can actually make the discussion better).

This is my plan for the month of February:

If nothing else, Knostril’s backstory for D&D Arcanauts will be published, hopefully soon. SO HELP ME, THIS WILL BE SO.  IF NOTHING ELSE.  SO. HELP. ME!

Next, I’ve been playing a lot of Warhammer 40K games over the past few months and I’m keen to share my thoughts on those.  Having grown up all my life with this stuff being only of the fringes of my consciousness, and finally immersing myself in that, if only shallowly, it’s made me realize something about the 40K universe and the games.  I want to talk about dark fantasy as a genre.  I want to talk about it, why I don’t like it, and yet why I play these games anyway.

Finally, with the fairly recent release of Halo 4, that particular universe has been on my mind again and I want to start delving into it, hopefully continuing that–off and on–over the next few months.  Some of my (small group of) readers may be aware there were things I was not happy with, even before launch, but this game’s campaign really did surprise me.  The look into that will be fairly extensive, several posts each covering something different, but for now, I just want to focus on it’s campaign.  Hopefully after that, we will talk fixes like I did with the Promethean weapons, but I might be getting ahead of myself there.

Those are the three major things I want to do this month: Knostril backstory, 40K and dark fantasy, and Halo 4 campaign.  Knostril at the very least.

I have a rather large school project coming up in a little under four weeks now, and depending on how prolific I am, that will take priority.  As I said earlier, Knostril’s story if nothing else–even if it kills me, and I mean that.

The only problem is that I can’t guarantee a set release date, as much as I hate to admit it.  Consistent schedules do wonders for blogs and their traffic but I just can’t promise when something will come out because I never know when I’ll have that sudden burst needed to finish writing whatever post I’ve been stuck on.  And when it does come to me I have the mentality of “I want to do it now and publish it now!”  I’ll see what I can do about all this.  Probably the best course of action may be to finish writing X post, look it over, then schedule it’s publication for a certain day and just swallow that.  I’ll think this over.

So yeah, that’s all I got for now.

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4 Responses to New Plan

  1. D&D backstory stuff is super fun.

    I look forward to that.


  2. Aldowyn says:

    If you REALLY REALLY want to have a consistent schedule so as to gain a reader base, I’d suggest writing down an actual plan ahead of time (i.e. this this week and this next week. Be specific.) and start early. Don’t post it, just have it. Eventually you’ll get the hang of it, and you’ll never even need to tell us that you started doing it. You just WILL. Another option is some kind of episodic content, like an LP or something. Series like you seem to have in mind with 40k and Halo are a good middle ground, I think, but scheduling is still key.

    Honestly I have these problems too, except that once I start writing I’m usually good. As for the writer’s block… The only advice I can give you is that I’m free to chat with pretty much any time. As for some encouragement… I’m really interested in what you have to say about both Warhammer and Halo, especially since I don’t know many other people who would talk about either of those. Knostril too of course! 😉


  3. theviking says:

    Man, who doesn’t have this problem?


  4. knowfere says:

    It may be a big help to yourself that you wrote down your goals here as categorizing your thoughts in a tangible way is great motivation 🙂


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