Harlem Shake

So there’s been this buzz going around about something called the “Harlem Shake”.  So I thought I’d look into it and…

… and…


What the heck did I just watch?  That just came out of nowhere.  Maybe.  A bit.  I’m not sure I entirely understand, but that might just be one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen.

Wait, what’s this?  Ah a college.

This kind of weirdness is just the sort of a thing a bunch of university kids would do.


I… I don’t know what to do with that.  I think my brain was blown out of my head.

… Who are Matt and Kim?


Look at all those people!  How…?  Just to organize…


Hauh.  That was actually kind of clever.


Just how big IS this??

Oh geez.  A compilation video…

This is insane!  The internet is FILLED with these individual videos and compilations.  There are easily dozens–hundreds–of these things!  They’re everywhere!

What is this viral sensation?  It’s taken over the internet!  I don’t understand.

Just mentioning “Harlem Shake” is like instant one million views.  It’s the equivalent of “just add water”.

I’m trying wrap my head around this still, but I see trends.  A person wearing a helmet or mask, either center or of center, doing a jig or gyrating, that no one seems to notice, then BOOM!  Everyone goes crazy.  People dancing in front of walls, flailing, clothing is stripped, there’s at least one person on the floor jittering like a jack-hammer, at least one upside down person, groups of white kids playing Call of Duty, other consistent randomness, all presented in an approximately thirty second package.  Lots of similarities, but also many with their own personality as well.  You can even find an underwater edition.

Why or how did this explode?  Yeah, it’s entertaining–some of it is downright catchy–but where did this come from?  There’s so much randomness, yet so many re-occurring trends and patterns in almost all of them.  Is there a list of criteria somewhere I’m missing?  I even found a how to video, although that seems to be for what I assume is the legitimate Harlem Shake.  So it’s a little number that’s been around for a while.  I wonder what triggered this recent explosion?

What happened to the internet?

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3 Responses to Harlem Shake

  1. Rinon says:

    Once you finish gluing your brain back into your head, I’d suggest you check this out.


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