God Only Knows – Beach Boys and Bioshock Infinite

So God Only Knows is one of my favorite songs in Bioshock Infinite.

When I first heard it, I assumed it was either an original, or (more probably) an actual Barbershop Quartet.  Because I managed to miss the whole thing about Infinite’s world having all this warped music from other eras, I only recently discovered it was, in fact, not a Barbershop, but a different kind of song from some group called the Beach Boys.

Hey, don’t you start.  There’s a lot about music bands I don’t know, period.  If I knew nothing about the original “God Only Knows” how am I suppose to know who the Beach Boys are?  At any rate, I’m familiar with them now.  So.  Mleh.  You simultaneously discovered I didn’t know them and now do all at once.

“Simultaneously” and “all at once” are for serious emphasis business and no ineptitude on my part.  Mleh.

Moving on.

Anyway, having no frame of reference for who these guys were, I then assumed the original song would sound vastly different from the Infinite version because… well… it’s a Barbershop Quartet.  Those have a way of using a… very unique structure.  Barbershop Quartets are one of the greatest things since sliced bread, don’t get me wrong, but they’re different.  You think the progression is going to do when thing, then it does something else entirely.

So when I finally listened to the actual song by the Beach Boys, it was very eerie how similar to two versions actually are to each other.

Eerie in a good way, that is.

So yeah.  Thought I’d just share these really.

Look at dem vidyer garmes teaching us all this stuff.

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2 Responses to God Only Knows – Beach Boys and Bioshock Infinite

  1. theviking says:

    Yep, who said you can’t learn about important history from a game? And this is the part where I simulanteously lament my age and woefully poor education of today’s youth. ;).


    • Ian says:

      Well, I don’t follow much of anything in terms of music anyway (hm, the analogies that could be made here). But hey, our games seem to be picking up the slack, yeah.


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