Shadow Warrior Shenanigans

I thought I’d kick off my return to the blog with a short recording of me (trying to) play Shadow Warrior.  This is the first video I have ever published on YouTube.

Shadow Warrior is a first person sword fighting (and shooting) game where you use fancy sword skills, magic, and other weapons to fight demons.  It prides itself on being a modern take on old-school shooters and action games.  The game has a bunch of silly, low brow humor (which is honestly hit-and-miss) and comes incredibly close to breaking the fourth wall.  There’s also gratuitous gore, shameless promotions for other games, and Easter Eggs for which I can only assume reference the original Shadow Warrior game.

Anyway, a friend gifted this to me over Steam, and it is a real blast to play.  The moment captured in the above video was just one of those I had to share.

While exploring, I bumped into the two large demons and tried to get some distance between me and them (as you can see).  These particular demons have Scorpion-style “GET OVER HERE” move, which they used to pull me back.  After breaking free of that, and getting grazed by their fiery arc attack, I tried to use a ranged shockwave ability of my own to take out the truck and hopefully do some damage.  What I didn’t realize was the area was full of explosive objects.  I tried to get away, but… as you can see, that didn’t go so well.  That’s what you get for running blind.

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