Site Resurrection

So yeah, I am making my return to the blog, and only after… eight months?  Has it really been eight months since I published anything on this site?  What happened?  Where did time go?

The short version is I was busy.  I was working on various drafts until maybe April or May, which is probably why me being away didn’t feel as long as it did (even though 5-6 months is still a while to not publish anything).  Even so, I struggled with writing of any kind, and on top of all the craziness that was going on in my life, I ended up really discouraging myself.  Then you tell yourself you’ll pick up that writing thing you were doing tomorrow, then tomorrow comes and the process repeats until you just… stop.  Then you completely lose all track of time until, eight months later, you surprise yourself.  But I really want to make an effort to get back into this blog.

There’s also a couple of big projects I’ve been trying to get off the ground all year that have been stuck in development hell.  One of them I’ve been very keen to announce, but I’d like to wait until I actually have something substantial to show you.  But it’s big, and it will be great (hopefully).

Actually, you know what?  I talk about “big secret projects” repeatedly here on this blog that NEVER get announced.  I mean, are these “secret projects” I keep referring to all the same things, or is each new and unrelated?  So I’ll go ahead and mention that the big project I’m “keen to announce” which is also “stuck in development hell” is a podcast I’ve been trying to put together with some people.  We’ve gotten together several times and have recorded and re-recorded our first episode but something always ends up setting us back.  Anyway, that will get its own separate page on this site when I actually have a freaking episode to show for it.

Otherwise, there’s so much that’s been going on in the gaming scene that I’ve wanted to talk about that I’m not sure if I can catch up, or if it’s worth bringing some of this stuff up at this point.  I played the Destiny beta and had a big spiel on that, but since the game comes out Tuesday, I’m not sure it’s worth bringing that up since it’s all based on the beta.

There was also a whole other spiel I had on the upcoming Shadow of Mordor game, and I was going to take the opportunity to make a Tolkien lore lecture out of it.  That will hopefully be a thing though.

I also want to get back into a bunch of Halo stuff I started working on a while ago.

So yeah, we’ll see how this all goes.

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