Let’s Play Verdun: The Quest for Christmas Truce

A friend of mine and I decided to jump into the WWI online shooter Verdun and try to play the new Christmas Truce mode on Christmas Day.  Then I got the bright idea to record our mess.  I switched on FRAPS, grabbed some editing software, hopped on stage, cranked the amp up to 11, THEN tried to learn the guitar.  Pleas of leniency apply.  Hopefully it’s somewhat amusing.

“Ian and Nate set out to partake in a digital reenactment of the 1914 Christmas Truce in the online WWI shooter Verdun.  However, two obstacles stand in their way.  The first is how the game’s playlists are set up.  The second is their own ignorance of how to play the game.  Will they find the game mode they seek on Christmas Day before festivities at home call them from their computers?”

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