Let’s Play Verdun: The Quest for Christmas Truce Part 2

Our adventure for the Christmas Truce continues.  This episode we kinda sorta maybe have a little fun at the expense of the French.  We do talk a little about the Red Baron later though.

At this point we still weren’t sure how to get into our desired game mode.

Now might be a good time to explain how the game works.  Verdun is a class-based shooter with some skill progression.  Teams are divided into three (or four?) squads each with up to four players per squad.  Progression seems to be tied, at least in part, to coordinating with your squad.  You are encouraged to stick with the squad leader for skill and experience bonuses.  The combat is very attrition-based in an attempt to simulate trench warfare.  Teams take turns playing offensive and defensive in an attempt to seize the other’s trenches until one side or the other is pushed to the very back of their side of the map.  At the end of every combat match (for the holidays), you get to play a Christmas Truce round for a few minutes, which includes snowball fights, football, and possibly other social interactions I haven’t figured out how to do.  You also get experience during these segments.  In short, I really like this.  I’m hopeful for slightly more variation in classes or weapons (like trench guns–though if they’re already in the game, I haven’t seen them yet).  Also, I honestly wish Christmas Truce had its own playlist so you could jump in whenever you liked, as opposed to having to run through lengthy attrition combat segments first.  But as the devs tell you, Verdun is not complete yet.  I’m interested to see what they do.

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