I have gone by many names.  In my Lord of the Rings Online days of old, I was Eärlindor, the mighty elf hunter, but he was driven mad by his own people and left to join Sauron.  No one knows what happen to him.  I was also the proud dwarf Knostril, Son of Knare, Son of Schnauze, wielder of the great Durante, Lord of Dwarrownase.  He still has occasional adventures.  Outside of LotRO, I may be known as… The Specktre…

Or just plain Ian.  That works too.  In fact, that’s probably best…

Hello.  I have seen fit to invade your interwebz with this blog.

I was a producer at the Middle-earth Network between 2010-2014.  Tolkien’s works have been a part of my life pretty much since I was born, and I have a real passion for them.  It would not be inaccurate to call it a kind of “love affair”.  While I have always been drawn to the Elves and things of Faërie, the Perilous Realm, I enjoy and seek scholarly pursuit of all things related to Middle-earth.  As an aside, it has been my great pleasure to meet a son of one of the Inklings, the group where members like Lewis and Tolkien discussed their writings.  Incidentally, I’ve also visited the very pub where the Inklings met.

In addition to my passion for Tolkien and mythology, I have a rivaling passion for video games.  I have been a “hardcore” gamer for over half my life, and I treat games very seriously.  I am constantly seeking to better understand games as an artistic medium, and tend to dish out a lot of “tough love” at times because I want to see the medium grow and become a better sub-creation.  I crave this conversation which I’m not getting much place else.  That is why I’ve taken up writing here.  This blog was originally founded at “mymiddleearth.com” before the website itself was shut down and the Middle-earth Network became exclusively known as Legendarium Media.

Because of Tolkien and myth, stories are very important to me.  I enjoy stories, and the art of telling and retelling stories.  Originality isn’t as important to me so much as the execution.

Other geeky pursuits include other fantasy, sci-fi, reading, D&D, occasionally painting miniature figures, table-top gaming, and history.  I am also a pianist.  I love the piano.  I started around age 7 or 8; got bored with it around 11; regretted quitting at about 14; and finally picked it back up at 16, and I shall derive enjoyment from that wonderful, wooden box with keys until my dying breath.

In addition, I am (or was) an actor.  I love the stage, and enjoy seeing plays and some musicals.  I would love to return at some point.

Lastly, but most certainly not least, I share the Christian faith of CS Lewis and JRR Tolkien, and have no shame in declaring Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior.  I would be considered Protestant like Lewis and not Catholic like Tolkien.

What to expect here

On this blog, as indicated by my interests above, I will write about whatever geeky thing strikes my fancy, but it will probably be kept mostly to gaming, Tolkien, and myth–more than likely in that order of priority.  I will do my best to write at least one post a month as I suffer from terrible bouts of chronic writer’s block.  I love to supplement my posts with other material such as other articles, videos, pictures, etc.  Expect lots of links (though don’t feel obliged to click them all, of course)!