Armchair Designers Podcast

Pixel chair

Art by David

Once upon a time, I was speaking with my colleague Joel, AKA “Andang”, of LotRO Players and–I don’t remember what exactly brought it up–but he asked me if I liked talking about mechanics in video games.  I answered yes, I am very passionate about games as an artistic medium, and discussing their mechanics was a very important part, for me.  Andang proceeded to tell me that his friend David, AKA “Branick” (also of LotRO Players and other podcasts) was very keen to put together a podcast about game design philosophy.  “Tell him Andang sent you,” he said, giving me David’s email.  It wasn’t long after contacting Dave, and getting to know him a little bit, that he introduced me to his friend “Belnoroth”, and we jumped right in to putting together the website and podcast.  Thus, Armchair Designers came to be.

The name of our show, I’m sure, may confuse many a poor soul who is in the market for an actual armchair.  The idea, or joke, behind the name is that we discuss games, their design, and mechanics “from the comfort of our armchairs” as opposed to the poor schmuck who slaves away in front of a computer screen doing the actual designing.

Although to be fair, both David and Bel have experience developing games–in fact, David has a game for Android you can check out!  I have dabbled in programming and designing games a game, but my skill is the equivalent of banging sticks together, at best.

So yeah.  Give us a listen.  Hope you enjoy.