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Boromir: What REALLY Makes Him Great

Out of nowhere, I’d like to present to you something I stumbled upon last night.  Occasionally, I see these things, and they have a way of bringing out my inner Tolkien scholar, nerdrage, and a desire to set things right. … Continue reading

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Eowyn and Chauvinism

Back in July, Middle-earth News published the first article in a series of analytical articles on women and chauvinism in Tolkien works, starting with the character of Eowyn.  So for the uninitiated, what is Chauvinism anyway?  The term is actually … Continue reading

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Past Blast: My Mini-interview with the Tolkien Professor

It’s Past Blast!  A blast from the past!  Wherein the past blasts down the front door of my blog and leaves something I wrote forever ago in a pathetic attempt to fill space on this site.  I could’ve done this … Continue reading

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LotRO Adventures and Mishaps, A Tale of Turbine Griefing in Goblin Town

Note: This is an old post I decided to revive and bring over to the blog from our Lost Archive. Before we begin I’d like you to take a minute and have a good look at the screenshot I have … Continue reading

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Left 4 Dead 2 Helm’s Deep and Minecraft Gondolin

I’m suffering from another case of bad writer’s block, so I thought I’d share a couple vids I found on ze youtubez. This first is what I assume is a L4D2 mod where you can fight off hoards of zombies … Continue reading

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“Legolas” by Laura

Last night while listening to Warriors of the Westfold, our wonderful news team directed me towards a particular fan fiction story that has apparently been causing a bit of a stir: “Legolas” by Laura: Legolas was riding along the woods … Continue reading

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Meeting Colin Havard: An Inkling’s Son

On the evening of March 20th, it was my (rather, my dad and I’s) pleasure and honor to attend a conference hosted by my very own St. Louis Community College featuring Mr. Colin Havard, the son of Dr. Robert Havard … Continue reading

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There and Back Again: My Journey to Tolkien’s Pub

It came to pass that on October 30th of 2010, I went to England with my family, saw as many sights as possible, and returned home on November 9th.  The trip was something I was really looking forward to, and … Continue reading

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Burnt Tor

One thing I find myself being surprised by (more than you’d think) in The Lord of the Rings Online is how thorough Turbine was in creating their Middle-earth.  They have been sure to include even the most obscure of details … Continue reading

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